Review: BumbleBee - Director: Travis Knight

10PM Screening at Imagine Cinema

Theatre Service: 9/10

Projection: 10/10

Bumblebee 1 hr 54 mins

This film was nostalgic from the first sequence. If you were/are a fan of the Transformers animated series you’ll probably be a fan of the action sequences, writing, and character development. We found this to be an excellently crafted plot, with pleasantly cheesy moments, times that pull on your heart strings, as well as comedic relief and some good old robot Battle Royale.

The fight sequences were clearly visible, expertly choreographed, and rarely disorienting. The fighting style at times was reminiscent of MMA … with ROBOTS! There were many shots that absolutely blew our minds — why haven’t we seen some of these ambitious camera moves or shots in the past films??

The troubled family dynamic was a gripping hook right form the beginning that kept you invested in Charlie’s path. There were many playful moments mixed with very touching and emotionally heavy scenes that thoughtfully built the relationship between Charlie and Bumble Bee throughout the course of the film.

The Cinematography overall was gorgeous, we definitely believed the special effects credits would have been a much longer list. Looking back however, we came to realize that with only three core main character robots, it not only made the story more concise and involved, but also probably saved them a ton of time and manpower in post-production.

The soundtrack is 80’s as hell! It rocks! Well then there’s that credit song, but visually the tail credit sequence makes up for the song. Throughout the film there is a significance to music: cassettes, vinyl, radio, and all of these scenes help to propel the plot or character relationships — a very nice touch.

Not many plot holes to be found, overall we rate this film…

>> 8.5/10 <<

Pacing: 9/10

Editing: 8/10

Plot: 9.5/10

Acting: 8/10

Cinematography: 9/10

Re-watch-ability: 8/10

Soundtrack: 8/10