Orange Hat Film Productions was established by two Fanshawe College Alumni. Director Darryl Ayles co-founder of OHFP has helped shape the London, ON film community.

Beginning with the short film “Conscious” that premiered at the Hamilton Music and Film Festival; Darryl, Jamara, and family all attended the festival screening in Hamilton, ON.

Darryl was involved in the production of a local feature film. Itching to create something else on his own accord, Darryl began development and pre-production on the project that would set the bar for OHFP.

In 2015 the release of the web-series “Look What You Have Become” was a giant success and step in the direction of widening their film network—

Co-founder Jamara Forbes stepped in as the creative force behind the web-series heading the Art Department and captaining the ship as Production Manager.

The web-series began filming throughout the summer.

Editing overlapped with filming so post-production was well underway as the final seasons of the series were continuing to be filmed. We first collaborated with Negative Underground Society on this project; they assisted with our finale episode “Awake Part 2.”

On the 15th the web-series LWYHB premiered on YouTube and after that weekly episodes were released on Wednesday nights over the next months.

LWYHB Season 1 Premiere

“Look What You Have Become” created a small buzz, was released as a novella and premiered locally at the Bete Noire Soiree the end of the month.

Friends, family, and fellow filmmakers, artists, actors, producers and more gathered for complementary food, drink and live art for the evening.

Following the screening of the 1 hour compilation of episodes from LWYB season 1, Darryl and Jamara were able to answer audience questions in a Q & A.

The web-series continued to release weekly on YouTube until the bittersweet finale.

After having completed this large project, the company took a well deserved break from filming and focused mainly on screenwriting, development, and pre-production of other collaborative projects.

We developed a script of about 116 pages.

Assigning key crew, solidifying our delivery method, determining filming process and special effects early on helped us stay organized. Eventually all our ducks were in a row after gathering supplies, purchasing equipment, while constantly revising the shooting script.

Finally it was time for auditions for this upcoming feature film project.

Principal Photography began and continued until the fall filming on weekends only.

Post production began on the film and continues in Toronto, ON executed by Christian Mitchell graduate of the Advanced Filmmaking program at Fanshawe College.

SFX will be executed by Negative Underground Society head of Special Effects Zachary Litt in Guelph, ON.

Stay tuned!