We look to independent local music makers to create unique work with which both us and the artists are happy.

We've worked with such bands as Hunter Gatherer, Seducing Medusa, Pacanomad, Skynet, Becomes Astral, Skool City, and more to come.

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2018 Hunter Gatherer - My Bones Carved in the Rock

Directed by Spencer Kring

Starring - Darryl Ayles

1st Camera Assistant - Jamara Forbes

2014 Coconut Featuring The Nicest - Make It Quick

Directed by Darryl Ayles

Director of Photography - Deighton Goode

1st Camera Assistant - Jamara Forbes

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 6.42.50 PM.png

2015 Pacanomad - Easier To Feel

Directed by Jamara Forbes

Director of Photography - Darryl Ayles

1st Camera Assistant - Taylor Bogaert




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