Still frame from Music Box

Music Box

4 MIN 2018 Dir Darryl Ayles

Starring Jamara Forbes, this spec. short was executed to test video capabilities of the iPhone 5SE in 1080p 24fps. Shot and edited on iPhone by Darryl Ayles in January 2018.


Still frame from Victorian Murders

Victorian Murders: The Making of Duality

20 Mins 2014 Dir Darryl Ayles

After his sudden death in the summer of 2014, friends and family of "Darryl Ayles" have joined together to release his final documentary about the cult classic Neo-noir / Horror film "Duality." (No further editing was needed, as it was found in a final rough cut form). When Ayles was attempting to get his Doc released, the original executive producer of "Duality" heavily bought into his project but demanded to see the all of the uncut footage. Upon seeing the uncovered behind the scenes / interview footage she immediately pulled the film from all internet / live streaming sources. This effectively made Ayles documentary the only film where you can see the "Original murder sequences" that were fabled to be real when the film had its first release in 2004.

Still frame from Conscious

Still frame from Conscious


10 min 2014 Dir Darryl Ayles

Starring Sam Didi and Ryan Haines this psychological drama will bend your mind with its unpredictable plot twist or its stunning visuals by DoP Deighton Goode.