When the Orange Hat turns GREEN

London, ON Canada

Eco-friendly Initiatives

Efforts we’re making towards a greener future in the Canadian film industry

As a company we strive to keep the ideals of the planet, our environment and the atmosphere in constant mind throughout the production process. We are grateful for the planet we have and try diligently not to take it for granted. We believe there is much process to be made as far as an unified environmentally conscious Canadian film industry, but we are more than willing to pull our weight in order to keep the bar high here in Canada.


Recycled and Up-cycled film gear

We show no shame in shopping at our local thrift store or antique camera shop. We find that the best gear is that which has a history, and has been loved and used by someone else. We’ve come across many hidden treasures at Dis’A’Ray’s In Guelph, ON, the annual Black Friars Community Yard Sale in London, ON, Kijiji, and various hand-me-downs from family and friends. We’re always looking for the next new piece of gear to add to our repertoire.

Support Local

From the coffee we provide for our crew, to our props, costumes and special effect supplies, to the place we buy our SD cards, we consciously aim to support local and independently run businesses in Ontario. We understand the necessity for local community participation and are always looking for more ways to reach out.

When fleshing out the music, make-up, post production, or even finding for writers pre-production the first place we look is in our backyard. We want our work to feel like small slices of where we come from and what we’ve experienced, where we’ve been or what we’ve listened to here in Ontario, Canada.

Local bands, composers, and musicians, are the soundtrack to our projects, Southern Ontario is the background to our scenes, our talent, our crew, our projects, are all proudly Canadian.

From the beginnings of pre-production to the marketing and distribution of our films we strive to keep a small carbon footprint by reducing our travel and writing our projects in a way that is mindful of location accessibility.

Pre-Pro Paperwork

It’s as easy as refilling ink cartridges, printing on post-consumer recycled copy paper, only printing what’s necessary, and communicating paper-lessly as much as possible with cast and crew.

Thrift Second-hand Wardrobe and Props

The first place to start is always the thrift store when it comes to wardrobe and props, even yard sales are a great place to prop hunt. We have no shame in using second-hand items; oftentimes they enrich the character, setting or plot. For our series Look What You Have Become items that were second-hand include: Shad’s robe, Victor’s Briefcase, Vanna’s “Vick” jersey, and David’s home telephone.