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Creating original indie films is our main focus at Orange Hat Film Productions. We allow creative contributions, enjoy working with new actors and film school graduates to share our video projects across Canada and the world.



Taylor Bogaert and Ryan Seymour in Look What You Have Become 2015 Photographer Jamara Forbes

Our Backbone

From the beginning, these were the faces behind Orange Hat Film Productions


Owner, founder. Graduate of Franshawe Advanced Filmmaking program 2014.

DoP, Director, Executive Producer

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Jamara Forbes

Owner, founder. Graduate of Franshawe Advanced Filmmaking program 2014.

Art Director, Producer, Production Manager

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Josh Cabral

Orange Hat Film Productions Executive Producer since 2014.


Community is everything at Orange Hat Film Productions.

We strive to foster creativity and community in Ontario’s film industry through collaboration with independent artists.

Our Community


Orange Hat Film Productions is more than just a film production company – it's a community, and we always look to the local artists. When we built Orange Hat, we had the pleasure of collaborating with these local artists as our community grew.

Click here to learn more about how we support local artist and businesses in Ontario.


Negative Underground Society Logo

Negative Underground Society

Graphic Design and Video Post-Production Company

Founded in 2015 by Zachary Litt and Shannon Klumpenhower, the Negative Underground Society collaborates with local artists in Southern Ontario to create stunning logos, photography, special effects, and graphic designs.

The company is based in Guelph, ON.



Auteur Independent Films

Film Production Company

Founded by Tad Brock, this dark-comedy film production company, formally under the name Dodo Bird, creates witty films with a bit of a bite in Southern Ontario.

Tad Brock is a graduate of the Advanced Filmmaking program at Fanshawe College.

The company is based in Inwood, ON.

Night The Lights Films Logo

Night The Lights Films

Tia Bellaire, Director

Experimental film production company operating out of London, ON established 2015. Recently Launched a London based custom props manufacturing shop under the name Abyss De La Wedge (ADLW) Studios.

Tia is a graduate of the Advanced Filmmaking program at Fanshawe College.

These Companies are based in London, ON.


ADLW Studios

Ink Drawing of a Crab Moose

Crabmoose Pictures

Spencer Kring, Producer & Director

Film production company and experimental music production established 2014.

Spencer is a graduate of the Fanshawe College Advanced Filmmaking program.

The company is based out of London, ON.