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An Independent feature film awaiting its world premiere screening on October 19.

Produced by Orange Hat Film Productions & Negative Underground Society

& Auteur Independent Films


Ext. London, ON - NIGHT


“.44” is a story conceptualized by Darryl Ayles and script co-written by by Darryl and Jamara Forbes. Jamara was the head of script-breakdown and production managing from the start while Darryl broke down the direction of photography and lighting design. After a year and a half of pre-production, principal photography began June 28th, 2018 and continued until September 2018. Orange Hat Film Productions has collaborated with Negative Underground Society for post-production special effects and additional marketing media. Christian Mitchell headed the video editing from Toronto, ON. Now at last the premiere screening for .44 will be held at Western Films in London, ON Saturday October 19, 2019. Click Here for details.

Starring Taylor Bogaert, Angelique Leblanc, David Parisian, Lana King, Tad Brock, Cody McDermid and more!

93 min 2019 Dir Darryl Ayles

In the small town of Union, ON, a serial killer preys on couples at lovers lane. The Union Police Department rival the mob trying to end the numerous murders by catching the .44 Killer. Michael Kochigan (Tad Brock) a policeman that prefers office work, is pushed into a promotion and as a result of increased crime becoming Officer’s Miller’s (Lana B King’s) partner by default. Meanwhile, mob boss Giovanni Emenzo, (David Parisian) conspires behind the scenes to avenge the attack of his daughter (Chelsea Gaffan) by shutting down a section of the city at night.

Int. DSTRCT, Guelph, ON - DAY

Ext. London, ON - NIGHT


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Photos taken by Shannon of Negative Underground Society. View her work here.